Why Invest?

We want to do what’s best for our shareholders. We take logical, thoughtful, calculated risks, because we ourselves are shareholders. We’re in this for the same outcomes.

Ryan King, Director

Our Value Proposition to Shareholders

Leadership: A top-tier record of making money for shareholders. Billions raised, resulting in numerous major wins for shareholders, including Newmarket Gold, Calibre Mining, Kirkland Lake Gold, Northern Empire, Integra Gold and Terrane Metals.

Institutional Funding: Management has extensive relationships and experience with banks and brokers, including significant knowledge of, and relationships in West Africa. Clear access to institutional funding, with 20% institutional ownership to date.

Incentivized Management: With 39% management and insider ownership, we’re aligned with shareholder interests and values. Our overriding goal is to build a gold company that provides exceptional shareholder returns.

Ghana: #1 in Africa for gold, proven and stable jurisdiction, known for big, successful mines and government support. Ghana is emerging as a prime location for major new discoveries and ease of operation.

Enchi: Quality asset with 1.2M ounces of gold inferred and exceptional expansion potential in a region known for 5 million-ounce deposits. Newcore is one of the largest mineral property landholders in southern Ghana, and the project remains substantially underexplored.

Share structure: 80 million shares outstanding with 39% held by management & insiders who invested significant amounts of their capital alongside investors.

Gold: Right commodity. Right time. We believe the current gold market momentum will continue, and we have the assets in place to capitalize on our strategy.

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